2/7/13 Behavioral factors and their impact on the issuance

Behavioral factors and their impact on the issuance
I think many have heard about the factors that influence the presence in the top search engines.
And it concerns not only Yandex, and Google. Today I will tell you about the basic behavioral factors Yandex. However, they also have a similar weight and have the search engine Google.
To begin, let's define the main factors influencing the presence in the top. The purpose of the search engine - to identify the most relevant page for your search query.

What information is the search engine to see a quality site to issue or not?
1. First of all,% conversion of the search results .
If the 5th place in the issue has more clicks than in the first place, you can think - and not whether the site is more relevant ?
search engine Yandex can also keep track of not only the percentage of hits, but also returns. Imagine the situation - people went to the site to search, find information on the site,
Yandex closed. Site in such a case, accrue extra ball. He returned in search results and clicked on the next site - your site is not answered his question, put a minus site.
you can tell, but there are people who have viewed more than a few sites! For example, in searching for a current price in the online store. So, according to statistics of the PS requests
no more than 3%, and of course, that accounting for the FS they have very different place.

How best to influence the klikatelnost to issue? This is properly selected snippet, and Titley, thematic icon, the presence of shortcuts, the occurrence of keywords in the snippet, Titley and NC. For
delivery by such techniques look more interesting, your site attracts. The same effect on the specific methods selected the text, allowing to stand out in the Extradition (example cooking

Two. percentage of failures, that is, the percentage of departures from the page .

The method I've thought a 1 variant, it is important that the user get what he wants. Failure rate depends on many factors,
ranging from the relevance of a page design, the availability of the information sought by the user.

Three. views per person .

You'll be surprised. but it can be said that a large number of views per person - is a bonus. The ideal number of views - is
3-5 in one person, a signal that people interested in the site. But not always it is a bonus. Sometimes there is a very complicated structure of the site when the user first
has to obtain information than minutes to look at MEgaSDL site. So if a person gets to a page that gets everything it needs - simple + site.
4. Time spent on site (page) .

A very important factor is probably one of the most important along with other factors. The more time a person spends on a page - the better.
This is an indication that the site is good and people became absorbed in reading the information.

5. Attendance website with social networking, bookmarking, social cues .

I think it should be clear that if users are returning to the site through a bookmark, share links, retweets in social
networks - is one realization that we are dealing with a quality site. For data signals are links from Twitter, Facebook, Tweeter, LJ, and so on. The good effect is also given by those
same subscribers with blogs and so on. I do not single out all these factors into a separate group - they are common, the percentage of their influence is small - but growing fast. For them the future, you can say for sure.

6. presence of unique information site update .
One of the most important factors. It's no secret that many sites are held by this factor. I have often mentioned that search engines love
unique content. As I show up varezniki denying that live on kopipalste. So that's their main advantage - the constant up datable, due to this factor, they are kept
in the top. I think that this factor in the near future will be one of the most important and will be used by search engines as an anti-MFA sites.

7. Percentage of users leaving the site .

This is also one of the most important negative factors that significantly affect the issue. You have created a website with descriptions such as affiliate programs.
It is clear that the majority of users, casually reading a description of the affiliate program go to the affiliate, so you get the negative factors of its user. Ideally,
users should receive all the information you have on your site.

You say - and how the search engine learns about transitions? To do this, there are statistics metrics Vebvizora (for Yandex), Analytics (for Google), as well as other methods of preparation,
one of the most important of which are special settings on the browser (Yandex Bar, Satellite, Google bar).You will not believe, but the statistics this software is almost 30-50% of users.

Search engines are vigorously spreading it through the free program software. Yandex Bar collects PF for each of the sites. Accordingly, calculated for a transition from your
site to another site - a piece of cake. Once you are a "springboard" to go to another site - you're no better than the doorway, which redirects to your page on the paysite.

Many people use the metric is not even realizing that they drained all the information about the behavioral factors Yandex. Even if you think that you NLL - Yandex MatriksNet might think otherwise. so
before you put the Trojan on your website three times, think about it. I have after installing metrics for some of the sites most nehochu sank.

This post is theoretical, I'm not trying to address the problem of cheating PF, because I think it is absolutely futile endeavor. Believe me, no Yuzeratory will not help you.
Next post on the Fermi surface is on "how to make the site better in terms of the Fermi surface." Tips will not cheat PF, and to improve them.


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