2/8/13 Android blackmarket alpha Apps

Android blackmarket alpha Apps
Blackmart alpha is another famous Android black market which let you access Paid Apps and Full Version Apps for FREE! It’s database is less than Applanet, but it had the function to update all the Apps on your phone. Between, Blackmart alpha will auto update when the latest version is coming.

The blackmart alpha has the following advantages:

The server is much faster / stable than Applanet
There are less fake apps in the market then in the Applanet
Parsing problems occur less then in the Applanet
Better improved search function
The update function works together with all apps on your phone, very great!!

Local Download Link: BlackmartAlpha_0.49_b93


farhan said...

nice apps I love it. download free see source: http://www.wbupdates.com/2012/03/blackmart-alpha.html

just-android.net said...

Thanks for the Link. The download works fine and new Market is definitely better.

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