6/3/13 Most famous brands in the world

Most famous brands in the world
The company "Interbrand" published its ranking of the best global logos. The first place is occupied by "Coca-Cola"

In the new edition of the top 100 best logos in the world of "Interbrand" took the first position the brand "Coca-Cola" valued at $ 70.45 billion (+2% per year), has strengthened its position as a leader since last year. Analysts say a good activity of the brand in social media: from "Coca-Cola" 11 million "followers" on "Facebook" and 96 thousand followers on "Twitter."

In general, the top ten, as well as last year, "occupied" tech logos.

In second place - "Big Blue", IBM, and with the assessment of the brand in the $ 64.72 billion in the year of the corporation's brand value increased by 7%. Analysts attribute this to the power of attention to developing economies, as well as innovation IBM.

Third place went to another computer brand - "Microsoft", valued at $ 60.89 billion as in the previous case, the value of the brand for the year increased by 7%. Immediately after the software giant placed the Internet giant and partially - competitor previous company, the company "Google", owner of the world's most popular online search engine. Its brand valued at $ 43.55 billion worth noting that out of the top ten logos it rapidly increased its total brand value - 36% for the year., Climbing, respectively, with 7 places in the ranking in 2009 to 4 in 2010.

Fifth place, having fallen for the year by one point ranking is the American "General Elecrtics", whose brand valued at $ 42.80 billion sixth place - behind the company "McDonald's", the leader of its category, its brand is worth an estimated "Interbrand", the order $ 33.57 billion

In seventh place, having risen over the year by two points, one more tech corporation - "Intel", whose brand is worth about $ 32.01 billion global leader in the production of mobile terminals, the Finnish "Nokia", took eighth place, dropping for a year by 3 rating point. Its brand valued at $ 29.49 billion

Ninth place - for one of the largest corporations of the entertainment industry. Brand "Walt Disney" valued at $ 28.73 billion and is the tenth company "Hewlwtt-Packard", whose brand is in the rating of about $ 26.86 billion.

3/11/13 How to plan your own website design

How to plan your own website design

Many websites hosted on the web is polished and professionally designed to attract a lot of daily traffic. Most sites professionals is created and designed by designers professionals and teams who go through all sorts of structure planning the graphics itself, even if there is plenty of software available for creating websites easily. Measures here are covered in the website design so that it becomes easier to code.

Barre Navigation Design All pages have a set of links taking users to all other parts of the website. All that is needed in this step can be simply identified by their list down. You can list down on a piece of paper and do not need fancy draw diagrams that are only reserved for the next step. You need to do is just getting the general scope of your structures and diagrams in preparation for a site map in more detail.

Sitemap: Sitemap is a diagram showing users all the pages that are included in the website . It shows how each page is linked to the other pages too. It is necessary to know not only the number of pages your website will be, but also help determine what your folder structure you want while you try to link pages together through coding. No real rules are needed to make a site map, usually done by a tree diagram representing each page as a drawing box altogether.

The first box is the home page and the tree begins branching to pages main listed in the bar navigation of the website you. If there are sub-pages they will branch out further more. This can be easily done by graphic design software or with a pen and paper. Software such as Microsoft Visio and SmartDraw helps design. After your loan check this sitemap weather flows and connects correctly.

Doing some models of the Home Page and other models should be easier to make a presentation of the general home page with all the links and navigation buttons with the proper sitemap within reach. To make coding faster models page are highly recommended. If you do not have an idea of what color scheme or graphics should be used just start with the basic boxes and lines just easy to create a skeletal structure to adapt to things.

objective here is know your disposition should have the number of columns and estimating what the banner should be. If you have a better idea of what your site will look like, you can use also use a graphics application such as Photoshop to create more detailed mock site. And also try to do the same with other models too.

2/24/13 How to turn a random customer in DC?

How to turn a random customer in DC?

All more or less experienced copywriters know that freelancing - thing quite fickle, if you will - is unstable. This is perhaps the most compelling and practically the only downside of freelancing. However, as we know, there are drawbacks to them, we fought. About how exactly to deal with the aforementioned lack of freelancing and we will talk in this article.

If further explore the issue of income volatility, it can be concluded that almost no one online business can not guarantee the permanence and stability of income. This problem must be addressed, to be sure ... You just have to understand that in every area of ​​online business has its own "key" to a head problem of unstable incomes.

Internet writers are well aware of that, working copywriter, stabilize their income is only by gaining sympathy customers, up 90% guarantees their repeated reference to services liked copywriter. Clientele - that's the solution! "But is not that simple," - something like this can be done by getting acquainted with all kinds of tops copywriters.

Really good earnings, no doubt, have not all copywriters. Stable good earnings - units ... But this article would not make sense if to join in this "unit" was impossible! And therefore proceed to consider ways to turn casual customers into permanent ones.

Secure the return of a customer only possible under certain conditions. If at all of the following questions, you will be able to confidently answer yes, then get back the customers will be much easier.

The customer, which you have decided to turn into a permanent, already use your services?
This customer put a positive review for the article (only need to answer when working with a customer held in Exchange finished content)?
You qualitatively executed the order?
Were all the requirements stipulated in the specifications?
The order was delivered in time?
The text was (95-100% unique)?
Responding independently to the above questions, you got answers "yes" or "no." Now if there is at least one "no", work on this item. Copywriter who can answer "yes" to all questions, is responsible, executive, in a word - a good copywriter. Only to such customers and come back!

The next stage of the transformation of a random customer is constant hard work, the results of which will not keep you waiting. Propose to carry out the following mini-business plan, which is sure to contribute to attracting both new random customers, and the customer liked you, whom you have decided to become permanent.

Step 1 

Look at the profile of the customer, a list of orders made ​​- all the answers to your questions are there. Often time is crucial for the customers - it is much easier to buy a ready-made article, rather than make the terms of reference, to fill the brief and languish in expectation of order execution. See a list of customer orders have liked you - most likely, there are many similar orders for specific topics. Your task is to: keep track of these topics. Realizing what articles are most often purchase (or ordered) to the customer. Now you can choose one of the methods of attraction, but the most effective for you will be a combination of these two methods.

Step 2

Method 1. Through a personal note thanking the customer for the order, ask whether he liked your services have any comments on the article and unobtrusively offering to him the interesting topics (for example: "I like to write on the theme of" Health and Beauty ", I would be very would like to cooperate with you, and more! ").

Step 3

Method 2. Write a few articles on that subject, which is interesting for the selected customer , and put them up for sale in the shop are ready to become (if it exists within the Exchange) to let our customers have chosen their existence - most of all, he buys it. And if not him, then someone else.
These methods are effective both individually and together. Use them - the result will be forthcoming. In 8 out of 10 it works. Good luck!

2/20/13 Setting up the spam filter for WordPress

Not so long ago in the blog site started to buy more attacks related to the review junk mail in addition to the trackback spam, but a good thing these people are guided in the direction of review junk mail in connection with a good plugin Akismet, the list of spammers seemed to be constantly spam with his touch on the blog site. However unauthorized item bought, but it's really annoying, but for the rest receiving spam from the container. Well, I thought I'd stop this IP in the blog site in addition to some of the ways I did just that item.

If you never include Akismet plugin.

Most people, the followers will not be using the plugin Akismet, yet when I speak carefully put this plugin, but if you've never bought a pair, I will here a strategy to protect your site from spam

Working with WordPress Comments spam filter.

After examination of almost any thoughts spam in the future content of the IP target spammers in addition to making the item your black list of reviews, it is actually used, seeing those, Spam List. (WordPress Settings> General> Black List). #)

The use of WP-Spam free plugins.

This free plug-in that there is a WordPress extension databases. You may understand a lot more about this on Wp-SpamFree alternative anti-spam for popular Akismet.

The best way to build a kind of blacklist spam designed to WordPress.

At this point, although you may well be used in almost any antispam plug-although he did not keep the spammers get on your site. To deny these people are getting on your site, you have IP suspend these people, here's how to try to make the item.

1. Login to CPanel.
3. Click the IP does not allow the administrator to the loss of security.
3. Junk Mail Blacklist
5. IP does not allow the administrator to
5. Enter an IP you intend to prohibit the living space is presented in addition to the Media Create.
6. Junk Mail Blacklist
7. Create IP, to help prevent
8. At this point, you could efficiently build a spam blacklist on your blog site.

Word of advice: To prevent spammers whole new you possibly can go to StopForumSpam. In addition, to obtain the highest IP proposals in addition to the creation of the item in relation to not allow the administrator.

You get unlimited spam on valueable websites? Spam is not only annoying to you, but it also affects your rankings in the search engines and your potential customers! It is therefore important to establish a spam blacklist or stop spam and make your website clean. An other wordpress Module Captcha Code plugins one of the easiest that I have met. So I started with it - install and configure Captcha took probably 2-3 minutes. It adds a security code in different forms by - registration, comments, and the login form.Go forward configure spam list for WordPress.
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