2/24/13 How to turn a random customer in DC?

How to turn a random customer in DC?

All more or less experienced copywriters know that freelancing - thing quite fickle, if you will - is unstable. This is perhaps the most compelling and practically the only downside of freelancing. However, as we know, there are drawbacks to them, we fought. About how exactly to deal with the aforementioned lack of freelancing and we will talk in this article.

If further explore the issue of income volatility, it can be concluded that almost no one online business can not guarantee the permanence and stability of income. This problem must be addressed, to be sure ... You just have to understand that in every area of ​​online business has its own "key" to a head problem of unstable incomes.

Internet writers are well aware of that, working copywriter, stabilize their income is only by gaining sympathy customers, up 90% guarantees their repeated reference to services liked copywriter. Clientele - that's the solution! "But is not that simple," - something like this can be done by getting acquainted with all kinds of tops copywriters.

Really good earnings, no doubt, have not all copywriters. Stable good earnings - units ... But this article would not make sense if to join in this "unit" was impossible! And therefore proceed to consider ways to turn casual customers into permanent ones.

Secure the return of a customer only possible under certain conditions. If at all of the following questions, you will be able to confidently answer yes, then get back the customers will be much easier.

The customer, which you have decided to turn into a permanent, already use your services?
This customer put a positive review for the article (only need to answer when working with a customer held in Exchange finished content)?
You qualitatively executed the order?
Were all the requirements stipulated in the specifications?
The order was delivered in time?
The text was (95-100% unique)?
Responding independently to the above questions, you got answers "yes" or "no." Now if there is at least one "no", work on this item. Copywriter who can answer "yes" to all questions, is responsible, executive, in a word - a good copywriter. Only to such customers and come back!

The next stage of the transformation of a random customer is constant hard work, the results of which will not keep you waiting. Propose to carry out the following mini-business plan, which is sure to contribute to attracting both new random customers, and the customer liked you, whom you have decided to become permanent.

Step 1 

Look at the profile of the customer, a list of orders made ​​- all the answers to your questions are there. Often time is crucial for the customers - it is much easier to buy a ready-made article, rather than make the terms of reference, to fill the brief and languish in expectation of order execution. See a list of customer orders have liked you - most likely, there are many similar orders for specific topics. Your task is to: keep track of these topics. Realizing what articles are most often purchase (or ordered) to the customer. Now you can choose one of the methods of attraction, but the most effective for you will be a combination of these two methods.

Step 2

Method 1. Through a personal note thanking the customer for the order, ask whether he liked your services have any comments on the article and unobtrusively offering to him the interesting topics (for example: "I like to write on the theme of" Health and Beauty ", I would be very would like to cooperate with you, and more! ").

Step 3

Method 2. Write a few articles on that subject, which is interesting for the selected customer , and put them up for sale in the shop are ready to become (if it exists within the Exchange) to let our customers have chosen their existence - most of all, he buys it. And if not him, then someone else.
These methods are effective both individually and together. Use them - the result will be forthcoming. In 8 out of 10 it works. Good luck!


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