2/5/13 Android. Review of military applications

Good day! In addition to the article " iPhone: MITM attack from his pocket , "was born almost a similar article about Android. We already know what a iPhone. If he gives way to Android? was considered about 25 military applications. I want to give you the result of a small study. Many applications do not even have started, some hung up the phone perfectly still, but some of them even work! All the software has been tested on the phone LG Optimus, with a version of Android 0.49.92 So, a brief overview of the combat software for Android:

A. Shark - The same wireshark . Yes, he too is under Android. It works flawlessly. At devayse wound up with no problems. Writes logs to *. Pcap format. Adds to the sdcard. The file can be easily disassembled as car windows, and on the phone, using the Shark Read. (A good application. Especially if you are in a WiFi point of access) 2. DroidSheep / Facesniff - Intercepting the Web sessions. Pretty simple but high-profile applications. Cling to an open point, run and wait ... By the way, you can sometimes hang the very point. 3. WiFiKill - Application of a series must have. Scans the entire subnet to which you are. Displays a list of devices. Select neponravivsheesya, click on the check and wait a few seconds. The device is left without the Internet. 4. Set MAC address - Changes your MAC. Works well in conjunction with Section 3. 5. Net Swiss Tool Free / fing - Scans the wireless network, displays a list of connected devices. It can scan each device separately, to give a list of open ports. Court also includes ping, trace, wake on lan, arp, udp-flood. 6. Wi-Fi Analytics - A beautiful application. Displays all available access point, SSID, mac, encryption, signal strength. 7. Hosts Editor - Allows you to edit / etc / hosts. Useful application, especially when the phone acts as a WiFi point. 8. KWS - Android Web Server - Web-server. Works well in conjunction with paragraph 7. 9. RouterAttack / Brute Force ADS Route 2 - This BruteForce on Android! Each application is trying to probutforsit Basic Access Authentication. The very soft little raw. But my point, with the password 12345 - probrutil quite easily and quickly. For normal operation - do not forget to download a good dictionary. 10. Router KeyGen - pre-selects the WPA / WEP access keys for your Android smartphone from routers that are nearby. Works well with standard Thomson, DLink, Pirelli Discus, Eircom, Verizon FiOS. 11. Android Network Toolkit - Anti - Universal application. Network scanner, sniffer, MITM, Remote Exploits! Extensible functionality through plug-ins. The more functional - the more money it costs. Most applications require the presence of human root'a. This article is written for informational purposes only!


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