6/3/13 Most famous brands in the world

Most famous brands in the world
The company "Interbrand" published its ranking of the best global logos. The first place is occupied by "Coca-Cola"

In the new edition of the top 100 best logos in the world of "Interbrand" took the first position the brand "Coca-Cola" valued at $ 70.45 billion (+2% per year), has strengthened its position as a leader since last year. Analysts say a good activity of the brand in social media: from "Coca-Cola" 11 million "followers" on "Facebook" and 96 thousand followers on "Twitter."

In general, the top ten, as well as last year, "occupied" tech logos.

In second place - "Big Blue", IBM, and with the assessment of the brand in the $ 64.72 billion in the year of the corporation's brand value increased by 7%. Analysts attribute this to the power of attention to developing economies, as well as innovation IBM.

Third place went to another computer brand - "Microsoft", valued at $ 60.89 billion as in the previous case, the value of the brand for the year increased by 7%. Immediately after the software giant placed the Internet giant and partially - competitor previous company, the company "Google", owner of the world's most popular online search engine. Its brand valued at $ 43.55 billion worth noting that out of the top ten logos it rapidly increased its total brand value - 36% for the year., Climbing, respectively, with 7 places in the ranking in 2009 to 4 in 2010.

Fifth place, having fallen for the year by one point ranking is the American "General Elecrtics", whose brand valued at $ 42.80 billion sixth place - behind the company "McDonald's", the leader of its category, its brand is worth an estimated "Interbrand", the order $ 33.57 billion

In seventh place, having risen over the year by two points, one more tech corporation - "Intel", whose brand is worth about $ 32.01 billion global leader in the production of mobile terminals, the Finnish "Nokia", took eighth place, dropping for a year by 3 rating point. Its brand valued at $ 29.49 billion

Ninth place - for one of the largest corporations of the entertainment industry. Brand "Walt Disney" valued at $ 28.73 billion and is the tenth company "Hewlwtt-Packard", whose brand is in the rating of about $ 26.86 billion.


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