2/10/13 WordPress 3.5 is now available for download

WordPress 3.5 is now available for download
 Today is a happy day for all fans of WordPress. Version 3.5  is now available for download ! Yes, the new release was issued under the name ElvinYou can say - in honor of the famous jazz drummer Elvin Jones. I wonder what's new? I offer you a brief overview:

WordPress media files have been updated
WordPress media files have been updated
 This release includes extensive changes to the library in WordPress. You just like how easy now to add new media files to WordPress. You will be offered a completely new experience of working with photo upload and create galleries.

The updated standard template Twenty Twelve
The updated standard template Twenty Twelve

New template Twenty Twelve - is the best standard design theme to date! Pattern is adaptive, and it uses the incredibly beautiful font Open Sans. It also includes the master page template, support multiple message formats and provides the ability to use markup without sidebar.

Many additions for developers

WordPress 3.5 includes many improvements for developers. I offer you a short list of the most exciting additions:

  • New importer of Tumblr
  • Manager options excluded from the new distributions
  • Feature multi-Site Support switch_to_blog () is now faster and more robust
  • Now you can install a multi-sites in a subdirectory.
  • New external libraries: js-library Underscore, Backbone
  • Classes and WP_Comment_Query WP_User_Query now support meta-queries, as WP_Query.
  • Publication objects now belongs to a class WP_Post
  • WP_Image_Editor Class now offers the ability to edit photos: crop, resize. And also uses ImageMagick, when available.

You can see the presentation video WordPress 3.5, to get a more accurate impression of what to expect from an upgrade

So you can easily upgrade. We know very well that you have something tired old versions WP, now you can enjoy plenty of the new version of your favorite CMS to the music of the legendary Elvin Jones!


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