4/21/12 Applications to advertising impact on battery life

 impact on battery life
Resource CultOfMac alerted readers that the application contain built-in advertising consume much more energy than the application without ads.

It was officially confirmed! A group of scientists from the University of Purdue (Indiana, USA) led by Abhinavom Pataki found that 65-75% of energy from 100%, calculated on the work of a particular application, it is spent on advertising module!

It should be noted that the study was conducted in consideration of three operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Of course, these "hungry" and most often free to the user application can do much more than a paid full version software and games.

Take for example the free version of Angry Birds. Playing live on about 20% of total energy supply.The remaining 80% is spent on locating and downloading relevant advertising.

We all know that our iPhone and you work as a lack of time, and loading effect of advertising on this is even worse. Most of the battery is spent on GPS-transmission, and advertising can not work without it - for each region there are specific banner ads to specific information.

From this it follows that the purchase of a complete application is able to save the life of your battery charge, and she in turn could save your life.


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