6/3/11 Minecraft 1.4

Minecraft 1.4Minecraft 1.4

Release: Mar 2011
Genre: Adventure | Developer: Mojang AB
Language: English | PC game
Size: 45.51 MB | FS+FSN

Full Minecraft Beta 1.4. Just move the .minecraft folder into AppData/Roaming which can be accessed by going to start>run>%appdata%. After that run the MinecraftSP and type any name into the Username input to use during LAN play.

* Added tameable wolves
* Added cookies
* Sleeping in a bed now resets your spawn position
* New Minecraft logo
* Holding shift while climbing will hang on to the ladder
* Spiders will no longer trample crops
* Lots and lots of infrastructure for Statistics lists and Achievements
Minecraft 1.4Minecraft 1.4
Minecraft 1.4
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markusjohan270 said...


Anonymous said...

The mirrors don't work anymore!
It sayed they were deleted.

Anonymous said...

yeah why doesn't it work anymore ?

Anonymous said...

mojang has claimed copyright

Anonymous said...

why the links don't work?

Anonymous said...

Useless, all i want is minecraft beta not a load of rubbish that sends me to virus ridden links/pages. GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE!!!

Anonymous said...

unlicensed copy

Anonymous said...

how do u download this

Muhammad Asif said...

:( Boss It Dosent Work You Suck

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