6/3/11 Mine Craft v1.4.01 - Mega Pack (PC/ENG/2011)

Mine Craft v1.4.01 - Mega Pack (PC/ENG/2011)Mine Craft v1.4.01 - Mega Pack (PC/ENG/2011)

Year: 2011 | English | PC Game | Developer: Markus Persson Alexej | Publisher: Markus Persson Alexej | 358 MB
Genre: Arcade, Cross-platforming
Minecraft - this game is like a sandbox in which everyone has the opportunity to build whatever your heart desires. In survival mode, the main task is to build and get points.
It also includes a number of additional functions. Such is the presence of hostile monsters, as well as the need to gather resources to build structures and materials for forging instruments of work and protection from the monsters.

MegaPack includes the following:

1) 6 packs of textures: LB Photo Realism (256x256), AaGeOn's BumpMaft (128x128), Coterie Craft (16x16), Glimmar's Steampunk (32x32), JohnSmith Texture Pack (32x32), Jolicraft (16x16).

2) The program for the installation of textures: McPatcher 2.0 - Simply click on Patch. Any texture packs throw in. minecrafttexturepacks. In the game select the desired texture pack and all! , McPatcher 1.12 (old) - It puts all the checkboxes, select the texture pack, texture size and presses Patch All! Texture Pack installed. For the 256x256 is the only way of installation. Also be sure to watch the video (that-be do not fly) if you want to run the game with 256x256 via the usual label.

3) Pack: skinedit (editor skins), Cartographer (renders your card and displays a picture, a large functional but not very stable program), INVedit (can give yourself any objects, blocks, etc., easy to use), Megaredaktor (edit everything, but hard to put), mcmap (so the same program for drawing the maps, has less functionality than a cartographer, but 100% working and supports x64, because of what is faster), the online map (map of the world, can be hung only on hosting for viewing, works like google maps), MCEdit (great map editor, easy to install, you can edit the existing world, or create a new world).

4) 6 mods: Become a creeper, IndustrialCraft (adds a bunch of new units. uranium, borax, nuclear reactors, solar panels, etc.), Portal Gun, spavner mobs, AdventureCraft, Humans.

5) Wiki: The Definitive Guide to IndustrialCraft (RUS and ENG); partial dump of the English Wikipedia with recipes (the dump was made ??with game versions of 01/03/2001).

6) AutoUpdate and change nick: This release contains prog rock allowing recent release of the game and change his on clicking a button, without dancing with a tambourine.

7) All necessary components for the game: Java, Net framework 4.0, C + + 2010, OpenAL, NotePad + + (for server configuration and plug-ins in a convenient form).

8) Russifikator: Complete the game and Cyrillic support for Russian chat.

System requirements:
Platform: PC
Operating system: Windows ® XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
CPU: Pentium 800MHz
Memory: 512 MB
Hard drive space: 20 MB
Sound device: compatible with DirectX 9
Video: Any compatible with Direct-X 9

Installing the game:
1) Archive for pirated run and create a username + avtoobnovlenie.rar "
2) Run Minecraft.exe (if you have a x64 system and not working currently running, use the x64 folder to run)
3) Drive the there is a nickname that you want (no limit to 6 characters)
4) Force update - If you tick the whole game will be downloaded automatically from the site off the latest version or update the previous
5) Press the Enter Game and enjoy!
Plus this way you can always easily change and update your nickname game at any time when a new version!

Additional Information:
If you have trouble playing the complexity of the change in the Peaceful. This will remove all hostile mobs. If you want something, they would appear again just change the complexity to a higher level.



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