6/14/11 The A Typical RPG ECWLB Edition v1.0 full-THETA

The A Typical RPG ECWLB Edition v1.0 full-THETAThe A Typical RPG ECWLB Edition v1.0 full-THETA

A.Typical RPG sounds like a lot of fun when you read about it. The game’s premise is very Groundhog Day, letting you control a typical college student through one day of his largely mundane life. In the course of that day you will play soccer with bullies, wander around town, attempt to woo a lovely girl, and try to pass an exam. The game promises that it will make these mundane tasks feel epic through gameplay, an ambition that’s never really realized. Instead A.Typical RPG is a funny game hampered by design flaws.
The A.Typical RPG is a quirky game that seeks to put you in the role of a college student having the weirdest week of his life as he shapes his destiny, while trying to keep a social life and decent grades. With hand drawn graphics and retro-yet-modern music players will have to play football, cheat on exams, use raw emotions to sway people’s opinions, brawl with bullies, rebel against teachers and much more!
The A Typical RPG ECWLB Edition v1.0 full-THETA
Publisher: Pyrodactyl
Developer: Pyrodactyl
Genre: Roleplaying Games

Release name: The.A.Typical.RPG.ECWLB.Edition.v1.0.full-THETA
Size: 48MB
Download : FiLESONiC


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